I made these drawings back in 2008-2009 when I attended visual Arts Education of the Repin institute in Kotka, Finland. The school wasn't in St. Petersburg but the teachers came from the st. Petersburg Art Academy.

Looking at these now it's fun to notice the little instructive drawings the teachers made on the sides of the



More bikes for fun. Mostly ink but I had to use a bit of photoshop this time since I didn't have any white ink to do corrections.



After reading Akira on my summer holiday I've been drawing vehicles on my spare time. Here's few


Good day!

Hyvää päivää! / Good day! - Oil on canvas

A shot taken after applying the first layer of paint.


Process update

Two days remaining until the opening of my exhibition. I'm pretty busy with the last preparations. Few paintings and drawings need framing, stuff needs to be written and wine needs to be bought.

Some progress shots from my messy workspace :

Painting the swan

The Swan underpainting



Punainen Aamu osa 1 - Red Dawn part 1

First blog update on my Red Dawn exhibition project.

The first part of my exhibition series opens at Tiedostamo 4.4.2012. The first exhibition will show process paintings and drawings. Most of the work shown will be preliminary sketches which viewers can comment on and have the chance to influence the look of the second part of the exhibition. The second exhibition will show "the final product" a set of finalized large scale paintings.

I'll post a few process sketches now. More pictures will follow in later posts.



Conquest, War, Famine, Death - Oil on canvas 100 cm x 75cm

I painted this one in late 2011 for a group show. It was fun to do something with real paints after a perioid of working only digitally. I actually might continue this one since there are areas I think could use some additional work.


Sketches from my workplace

Our office has a great view overlooking Helsinki. I sometimes take time to sketch the view.